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What we do

We offer creative services that combine art, design and business practices.

We offer creative services that combine art, design and business practices.


Art and design are our tools. We use them to make sense of things, to explore situations, plan, communicate, engage. They are the way we build bridges between people and ideas, between unrelated disciplines and worlds. We make use of design and art to improve business, life and spaces.


The projects we work on fit our vision for a more connected, beautiful world. They support both the quality that we stand for, as well as those who work on them. We strive to have a positive influence on our local environment whilst creating work that goes far beyond.


We collaborate enthusiastically. We expand possibilities through connecting diverse but complementary skills, disciplines and specialisations. We work with, not just for, you and value cooperation over competition.

The Amber Spark does

What we do

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The Sparkians

Multidisciplinary, flexible.


Florinda Camilleri

Dancer & Pharmacist

A ŻfinMalta dancer and a qualified pharmacist, Florinda has worked and studied with world-renowned choreographers and coaches as well as delivered numerous workshops and training sessions. Through these workshops, she discovered a passion for outreach and educational work and hopes to facilitate the implementation of creative practices into the educational system and beyond.


Niels Plotard

Creative Artist

Niels grew up in a family of artists but was also exposed to sound engineering and IT from a very young age. As a result, he has built up a wide array of art- and tech-related skills. He began to pursue dance as a main art form, though he felt that through this language alone, he was not fully able to explore his creative potential. He now endeavours to strengthen and develop his skills as a well-rounded creative artist, to create work of high quality and of deep value to society.


Greta Muscat Azzopardi

Writer & Project Manager

Writer, project manager, branding specialist, documentation geek. Greta is a Geography graduate who operates between the art, business and environmental fields, looking to build bridges and work towards more meaningful ways of interacting. With a background in magazine publishing and the branding/marketing of luxury hotels and hospitality services, Greta put her corporate heels in storage a little over four years ago. She has since worked with commercial, artistic and cultural organisations on a freelance basis.


Johannes Buch

Graphic & Exhibition Designer

Johannes Buch does graphic and exhibition design, photography and curatorial practices. He carries a detail-oriented eye for aesthetics, curatorial knowledge and experience with urban art projects. Johannes studied Graphic Design in Arnheim (The Netherlands) and Art & Communication Design in Enschede (Holland) both at ArtEZ Institute for Art & Design. He also holds a Master of Arts in Exhibition Design with distinction from HS Düsseldorf and has worked intensively on several collaborative exhibitions during the last few years.

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