Amber Spark is an artist-run video, photo and sound studio currently based in Malta.

Our many years of experience in the local and international dance and theatre arts scene give a distinct approach to the work we produce. We have helped our clients to translate and structure their ideas right through to their final stages. We work with and for cultural organisations, dance and theatre companies, independent artists and collectives, schools and universities, NGOs and ethical businesses. We teach in schools, organise workshops and offer consultancy sessions in relation to the audiovisual and technological aspects of installation, visual and performing arts.

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Clients & Collaborators

photography of movement, people and spacesound design for performance, film and installationperformance trailer/teaser, short film & documentationAcoustic studies, sound engineering and technical directioninteractive / multi-channel / performative / kinetic / spatial soundinstallation and concept for side-specific venues and theatre stagesaudiovisual services, interview and documentary, facilitation and coaching