Homo Melitensis Social Media Campaign

Bettina Hutschek and Raphael Vella curated Malta’s 2017 entry in the Venice Art Biennale after a gap of 17 years. Entitled ‘Homo Melitensis, An Incomplete Inventory in 19 Chapters, the exhibition explored the fragmented, multidimensional, often contradictory Maltese identity with a light hearted, self-deprecating approach.

19 Chapters all the way from A: Il-Mam(m)a (both the mother and the root) to Ġ: Subjects to avoid when talking to strangers, GĦ: Gender and/or to to O: Et Cetera and everything in between, Homo Melitensis was not a simple exhibition to translate into social media platforms. Across Instagram, Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter, Greta unraveled Homo Melitensis one post at a time.

ClientArts Council Malta | Bettina Hutscheck & Raphael VellaServicesWriting, Social Media Campaign Planning & ExecutionYear2017Linkwww.instagram.com CountryMalta & Venice

Writing, Social media campaign planning & execution | Greta Muscat Azzopardi

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