Utopian Nights: Inside The Border

The Utopian Nights series provides a platform to re-imagine collectively four contemporary themes: displacement, borders, encampment and global commons. The catalyst of the series is the notion of Utopia. Here Utopia is essentially a democratic space – it is a platform for discussion and a participatory project in which everyone can debate, challenge and be challenged equally.
Inside the Border is a week-long event that invites the public to engage with different artistic works.

Visitors are invited to join us to build together a temporary museum, to watch original films under the trees of the garden, to attend an original moving performance in the streets of the Citta Notabile, and to have your portrait photo taken in Utopia! The week will culminate in a joyful social gathering, providing the poets, musicians, thinkers and public with an opportunity to take part in a common experience.

ClientUtopian Nights, Valletta 2018 - Cultural Capital FoundationServicesGraphic Design, Artwork, CommunicationYear2018, ongoingLinkwww.facebook.comCountryMalta

Geography of Lives

‘Geography of Lives‘ is a performance by Alberto Favaro aiming to confute the idea that national borders are linear limits surrounding nations. Contemporary borders extend themselves outside and inside countries. While they may not be built by bricks or fences, they are still effective. These borders are jurisdictional, administrative and economic limitations, real impediments for migrants to become fully recognized individuals. Far from being physical barriers, borders can be considered as spaces in themselves. When imagining and mapping the extensions and thickness of these borders, the most likely configuration is not a fixed geographical one, but an infinitive number of pockets trapping spaces and bodies. Constantly adjusting itself, the border keeps ‘the intruder’ outside, even if his or her body is geographically inside. This performance was created in collaboration with Florinda Camilleri.

Graphic Design | Johannes Buch
Choreography | Florinda Camilleri
Performance | Niels Plotard


The Geography of Lives concept was conceived by architect and artist Alberto Favaro for the Utopian Nights Festival. Utopian Nights is a Valletta 2018 project directed by Elise Billard Pisani and managed by Sarah Farrugia. Alberto and Florinda developed the choreography and dramaturgy in support of Alberto’s design ideas, and in collaboration with the performers: Niels Plotard, Zoe Camilleri, Keith Micallef, Emma Louise Walker, Thea Cunningham, Cloe Bonello, Nicola Micallef and Luke Bugeja Gauci.

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