AP Valletta – A rebranding exercise 

Working on the re-branding of Architecture Project transitioning to its’ new name AP Valletta was a challenge to balance out keeping the heritage and recognizability that has been built by Architecture Project as a brand throughout the decades. Our in-house graphic designer Johannes took on the challenge to make this new trajectory a success story for the next curve. 

What first just looked like a general re-branding turned out to also become a re-naming of the brand, which is a bold move forward that includes the risk of not carrying on the recognition one has built up throughout the years. In this case the risk was reduced by keeping the acronym of AP that had established itself by the team and happily adopted by clients and the community. Taking a stance for the local community AP added the name of the locality it is building in and re-shaping to date, the city of Valletta, to its new brand name AP Valletta. 

Thus, AP Valletta is strategically placing itself strongly within the local community while attracting professionals and clients from its’ global network to play forward the story of cultural heritage, architectural heritage and designing livable spaces within a climate of fast pace developments that need the extra grit to push forward your vision and policy to maintain respect for the typology you build in and make sustainable decisions for future generations to come.  

Leaving a legacy through building timeless and social spaces that blend old and new seamlessly in a sustainable way, while respecting heritage and keeping focus on the essence of the architectural project. This is the story that crystallized throughout the years and came out during this re-branding exercise that asked difficult questions worthwhile to answer and reflect upon. 

Looking at these key values and vision statements the re-naming and re-branding kept the former insignia while refining the kerning and colour consistency. The AP insignia stands prominent in focus respecting the heritage of its’ own practice while VALLETTA is forming the base and foundation of the social fabric it has built upon throughout the decades.  

A modern cut serif font has been used to keep reference to AP Valletta’s focus on historical research and heritage and emphasizing the timelessness of these stone cut serif letters while being optimized for screen displays and social media use. 

The general grid system of the new AP Valletta identity with logo placement and use of white space has been based on modern swiss graphic design practice, to keep maximum consistency of the visual identity throughout all communication items used by AP Valletta. Containing a minimalist approach, that seeks elegance and timelessness through a content driven practice, where less visual cues communicate more direct and keeps space open for imagination and vision. 

A new colour palette of typical limestone yellow and charcoal greys lean on some well-established associations; think timeless limestone buildings and historical architectural landscapes full of heritage, with hues of blue introducing a bit of character whilst also working to differentiate. 

In print, layouts are grid-based and straightforward with a good eye for space. There are some nice details that resonate with the structure of the logo, in particular the stacking of e-mail and web address. Portfolio Profiles and sketchpads, colour consistency and hot foil print finishes give AP Valletta a high-quality materiality but, much like the logo and choice of type, shows restraint. 

The graphic device that runs across the business cards takes a similar approach to logo in the use of space and structure, its strength lies in its visual language. USB Pendrives have been branded minimally and choice of material has been done carefully to communicate sustainability with elegance. 

 The whole re-branding package consists of an extensive branding style guide of 77 pages explaining the color palettes, fonts in use and spacing. Stationery items like personalized business cards, signatures, letterhead, press releases, USB pen-drives, sketchpads, portfolio profile, tote-bag, high visibility vests, as well as envelopes and complimentary slip have been produced with the new re-named branding of AP Valletta.  

A new functional and informative website has been launched in the same visual line in conjunction with the re-branding that had been taken on by an external design studio consulted by former marketing manager Erica who is now working as director of innovation to make AP Valletta future proof. 

Apart from the visual identity the brand storytelling will be of high importance for a continuous build of the brand awareness. This will be taken care of by the marketing manager Marika of AP Valletta overlooking all current social media and press platforms referring to the style guide and giving a powerful tool for future communications. Focusing on interviews that tell a story of leaving a legacy that builds on the foundation stone of respect for heritage and sustainable development. 

Graphic Design | Johannes Buch
Writing & Research | Erica Giusta

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