Creating a sense of perspective

When working with an artist like David – whose career spans over 30 years – giving a sense of thematic and technical development over time as well as allowing glimpses into his process, helps viewers understand and appreciate the work better. The Story section on David’s website was an attempt to focus on pivotal points in his work and artistic development and look at ‘the making of’, giving rare insight into the mostly hidden world of David Pisani.

“I was making tests to create this effect just after I made the composites in the 1990s. It took me years to refine my technique to be able to make this picture.”

“I discovered the darkroom when I was 10 years old and I was hooked for life. I was very introverted and not very sociable and the darkroom was a place I could lose myself in.”

“I like the act of making things and would not get someone else to print my photos. My prints reflect what mood I am in, what person I am on that day and how that influences the way I interpret the photograph. I am not interested in making the same print twice. Prints are rarely editioned because I feel that each one is unique and has its own history.”

David Pisani, extracts from the story on website.

Broken Dreams Video

A beautiful testimonial from renowned war-photographer Reza Deghati about David Pisani’s Broken Dreams collection. Documented between 2009 and 2012, Broken Dreams is a haunting photographic essay on the city of Nicosia and conflict areas in the north of Cyprus.

“David Pisani’s work belongs to the tradition of the great masters of visual art who are able to deeply touch the emotions of the viewer by using the well trodden symbolism of the ordinary to explain that which we hold dearest to our hearts.”

Reza Deghati

Writing | Greta Muscat Azzopardi
Video Editing | Niels Plotard
Exhibition Set Up Assistance | Johannes Buch
Consultancy & PR | Greta Muscat Azzopardi

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