The first ten issues have been produced through means of digital networks to gather submissions from writers and artists all around the world, bundled up in a 16 page smart zine, designed and independently published by Johannes Buch.

For this 11th edition, nightly build and SALT invited local participants in Istanbul to attend the workshop and submit an artwork, writing or prose around the theme of “the bridge”. The workshop attracted a variety of highly dedicated talents mainly architects, probably attracted by the typology of the bridge, to illustrators, visual artists, designers, curators and one freshly graduated psychologist.


The workshop invited the participants to fill in a folding scheme on an A4 sheet with their ideas and artworks around the bridge, that could be folded up and easily transformed into a 16 page A7 sized zine. The main objective was to get accustomed to the small size of each page, that encourages looking at details and composition more thoroughly and frequently. It also engages with methods associated with re-looking, re-design and re-imagining. Furthermore the typology of pages made the participants aware of looking at a narrative eg finding a beginning and end point of their interpretation of the bridge.

The workshop was structured horizontally around a table shaped as an arch to give each participant the possibility to face each other, share their process and progress throughout the day. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to finding a personal interpretation and story inviting the participants to work on their personal zine, whereas each nightly build as a key concept has the aim to bring together as many artworks and fragments as the 16 pages allow and produce a collective zine, featuring each writer, designer or artist on a single or double page.

It turned out that many participants got drawn into the production of their own zine with a surprisingly flattering level of dedication and talent not stopping to re-jig, re-place and re-align the content within their zine, creating a world of their own, realizing that this process could go on for ever, we ended up printing, folding, sewing and cutting zines overtime until security needed to throw us out of the ground level of SALT. Luckily enough by then we had produced five stunning, individually designed zines with an aditional 6th edition that binds a fragment of each participants’ research or contribution into one collective zine.

The combination of computer work, drawing, stitching, cutting and working with string and needles was a beautiful challenge to a lot of participants reminding one that you can design complex things with your own hands. The ground level at SALT is an ideal space to conduct a horizontal and informal workshop within the surroundings of the Jeff Talks exhibition space where visitors and fresh air would constantly flow throughout, curious minds look over shoulders or sit around to have a look at what is being produced. It offers a good balance of focus and distraction that supports a creative flow, allowing one to wander around and to come back to the table to re-edit and re-concile.

The nightly build workshop has been kindly supported by Goethe-Institut İstanbul and SALT Beyoglu.

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