Niels came on board this project when a choreographic structure had already been developed. They started working together on the piece in Lake Studios, Berlin. Photo of stuff set up at his place. It took 3-4 days to create the initial sound design. The method was to build on cues rather than tracks, so that Antonin could run the show himself when Niels could not be present.

Niels also assisted on the technical aspects of the work, taking some of the weight off Antonin who, as an emerging choreographer, would otherwise have been left alone to face the technical struggles. Niels created a technical rider and gave advice for technical aspects of the piece.

In the end, Niels took over the light and sound for all the performances. There was one occasion where the sound equipment failed just 5 minutes into the performance, and after calmly looking for solutions for 45 minutes, he managed to solve the problem and the performance continued. This moment made it clear to the whole team that they work best when they are together, and they would only like to perform when everyone can be present.


Everyone involved felt that this collaboration was special, and it made it clear to Niels and Antonin that they would like to work together in this way for many other future projects.


Ohboy! was also performed in Point Ephemere in Paris, Flux Laboratory in Geneva, and will be performed in Korzo Theatre in Den Haag. Niels updates the sound design before each performance to reflect the development process of the work. Antonin and Ben even visited Malta where they worked with Niels to collect field recordings and a selection of sound and voice clips.


There was a successful crowdfunding campaign to make Ohboy! Into a film, produced by H707 production company, Paris. Niels also created a specific sound design to go with the film. It will sent out to different festivals.

Photos by Benjamin Behrends
Sound Design | Niels Plotard
Technical Direction | Niels Plotard

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