The work was a research into the idea of touch from the perspective of a child and from that of an adult, and of someone in between. They purposely played on the imagination, the memories of being held and hugged but not touched. A search for the soul to be touched rather than the body.

The elements of touch, imagination, memories, play, illusion, skin and soul were very much applied to the photo series. The positions of the body were very much thought out in each picture, either drawing from the existing choreography, or being constructed during the shoot. Niels chose to make Pam’s body transparent in one of the pictures, to project the idea of touch, as well as a sense of  emptiness.


Niels also worked on the sound design of the piece with effects, transitions and cues to support Kostas and Pam in their performance.

Photography | Niels Plotard
Photographer's assistant | Florinda Camilleri
Sound Design | Niels Plotard

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