“I wanted to create something with meaning. It’s very easy to become self indulgent in any performing art but especially in dance. I had been to West Bank and I was very aware of the situation. We have to do what we can, I might change someone’s mind, or I might not but this feels meaningful to me.

We wanted to create a video together and I had a piece that I had already made, but never premiered at the back of my mind. The political situation in Palestine recently escalated and after watching the video of the poem online, I knew that I had to act. Everything came together at the right time and that was the perfect catalyst.

We’ve worked together before but never on a new creation. This was a new experience.

We very quickly agreed about what could be usable and what worked for this piece and also to create the new material. With Emma we used an existing solo, with Niels and Flo their solos were created for the purpose of this project.” Lucia

“There was a focus on the message and this meant that no matter how crazy the deadline was, we wanted to get it done. Before we knew it we found ourselves having to perform an unfamiliar sequence for the first time in front of the camera, together.

In the end what emerged was very honest: the movement was fresh and raw, the message we were portraying was very important to us and we had to keep open and focused to bring ourselves together. When I watch the video I think I could have pushed it much further from the movement aspect, but it is still something to be proud of considering the time we had available.” Florinda

“It does what it was meant to do. Artistically or choreographically we could have done more but the message comes through very well and that is what we really care about. The rawness of it also serves the subject and is very honest and pure. We did not have time to put layers into it and it works very well with the idea of the body being what we all have in common, our shared experience.

We relied a lot on our trust in each other. This is not a project that could be done with anyone but our great relationship outside the studio meant that this came together very effortlessly. It also kept us going during the times when we were all feeling like we were creating this crazy thing. But we knew that we would all be honest with each other and that felt like a safety net that meant we would not create something that did not work. We all make an effort to remove ego from our work and that means we can tell each other what we think without hurting each other.” Lucia

Choreography | Dr Lucía Piquero in collaboration with Florinda Camilleri, Niels Plotard and Emma Walker
Dancers | Florinda Camilleri, Niels Plotard and Emma Walker
Filming & Editing | Niels Plotard

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